Our mission is to bring specialty products to market faster and with greater efficiency, working in true partnership with quality providers.

Our team brings decades of experience

Our executive team brings decades of experience in the Greek market and internationally, in launching products and meeting medical needs overcoming barriers to access.

LYSIS BIOTECH consists of executives highly experienced in the Greek legal requirements, market access hurdles, healthcare system particularities, mindset, and culture.

Raison d'etre: to offer Greek patients, treatments of high therapeutic value and proven quality for rare diseases by providing innovative access solutions through international partnerships.

High expertise and deep knowledge of the local Biotech

The high expertise and deep knowledge of the local Biotech and Orphan pharma market of our executives, with the outstanding performance, could create an opportunity for small and medium sized pharma companies looking for a local representative who could:


Generate incremental value for them


Leverage on existing expertise and relationships with KOLs and all the main stakeholders.


Support Business Growth through strong capabilities.

top line

Offer Top line maximization.

market share

Maximize the market share captured by their products, through synergies with a local distributor with proven track records, without requirements for additional investments.

investment requirements

Undertake the long and short term investment requirements in FTEs and A&Ps.

risk minimization

Minimize the risk in an unstable environment, avoiding any financial risks from receivables.